Personal make-up advice in Den Bosch

How do you get rid of dry lips? With our tips you keep your lips smooth, soft and they are always make-up-proof!

You’ve been brushing the same colors on your eyes for years because you’re so used to it. And you don’t start foundation because you have no idea how to do such a thing.

Would you ever like to know how to apply a perfect make-up with minimal effort? Are you curious which colors flatter you, so that you really look better? Then personal make-up advice is exactly what you need.

We look forward to welcoming you in our shop in Den Bosch. There you can try all products and colors. Our make-up artist will show you what suits you and which colors make you shine.

You can ask our make-up artist your personal beauty question: for example, which eye make-up suits your eye shape, what you need for a natural make-up and what you can do to look fresh and fruity. Our make-up artist advises and applies the make-up to you. You can watch, so that you know exactly how to do it later!

Miranda explains in this video how to get super soft lips with just two products. All you need is our Hybrid Lip Gloss and peeling

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The effect of our Hybrid Natural Lip Gloss

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