Our story

Hi, I’m Miranda, founder of Blèzi. And also mother, make-up freak and woman in transition. I’ve been working in cosmetics for over 35 years and in that time I’ve gotten to know a lot of big brands from the inside out. What struck me: they mainly develop make-up for young women.

When I passed forty, I suddenly noticed what that means. Lipstick quickly ran into the lines around my mouth. Eyeliner suddenly gave off on my upper eyelids. Yeah, they weren’t as tight as they were when I was 20. And foundation ended up on my handkerchief at the first hot flash. That way I didn’t feel exactly radiant. So something was clearly missing in the cosmetics market. Looking radiant all day should be possible in a few simple steps, right? Even if you are over 40? That was my idea.

And that’s how I started Blèzi. Make up and skin care especially for women like you and me. Women who want to keep looking fresh and fruity, but don’t feel like spending hours in front of the mirror, touching up a dozen times a day or endless skin routines. Fortunately, through my experience I knew where to go for the purest ingredients and the best pigments. I developed my own super-easy packaging, colors that flatter and add shine and super nourishing formulas for mature skin. Packed with active ingredients. But without toxic junk.

Of course I tested everything extensively. Also on myself. The result: The first cosmetic line in the world that is completely hot flash-proof, wrinkle-proof and sensitive skin-proof. Animal testing free. Paraben-free and irritating perfume-free. So even suitable for the most sensitive skin. That’s Blezi. Makes blasting a breeze.

That’s why we already have more than 124,432 loyal fans. Who will continue to shine with me for a very long time. Are you beaming?